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Metal Stamping & Fabricating Tooling

Metal fabrication is the creation of metal structures by cutting, bending and assembling processes. Involving the creation of machines, parts, and structures from various raw materials.

28 xx tooling
Bazooka slug sucker
Brake Die
Brake Press Tooling
Duplicator tooling
Ejector Punches
Engraving Tools
In-Die Tapping
Iron Worker Tooling
Laser Lense
Manifold Systems
Part Ejector Spring Asy.
Pressure Pad
Progressive Die
Punching Units
Slug Removal
Slug Sucker
Spring Pilot Pins
Stamping Tooling & Supplies
Ball Bearing Components
Ball Lock Punches
Benders – Rotary Bending Tools
Block Punchers
Bronze Wear Products
Cam Units
Carbide Punch & Die
CNC Punch Press Tooling
Daystrip Strippers
Die Button
Die Makers tools
Die Springs
Friction Components
Gas Springs
Guide Pins
Guide Post Shields
Headed Punch
In Die Tapping
Punch Strippers
Shear Blades
Spring Assemblies
Steel Stamps
Subliner Pins
Thread Form Tooling
Tool Steel
Turret Tooling
Urethane Stripper Springs
Tube Piercing
Wear Plate

Our Manufacturers Carrying Metal Stamping & Fabricating Tooling:

Engraving Solutions

Industrial Marking Products

Steel Stamps, custome engraving
Air Vac

Air Vac

Vacuum Slug Removal Air Generators, Venturi, Silencers

Unittool Punch & Die

Unitized Tooling

TR Jones

Subliner Pins

Royal Pins

Ejector Pins, Mold Tooling

RMI Laser

CO2 Laser Lenses

R-K Press Brake Dies

Press Break Tooling

Richter Precision

PVD, CVD & TD coatings

Raymond Die Springs

Mold & Die Springs

Precision Marshall

Drill, Rod Flatstock