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   William T. Hutchinson Co. has been a leader in High Speed Steel products for over 80 years. Our centerless grinding capabilities allow us to quickly manufacture parts to your specifications.

M2 and M42 HSS Drill Blanks are stocked in the standard jobber drill lengths, with a +.0-.0002 diameter tolerance, in fractional, wire size, letter size and metric dimensions. Our Reamer Blanks are stocked in the same materials and sizes with a +.0002-.0 diameter tolerance. We can provide rapid turnaround on small lot specials for diameters ranging from .005″ through 1.500″ in lengths up to 36″.

Other materials are available to meet your needs. We stock several sizes of “Super High Alloy” Blanks, made from ASP30 (8.5% Cobalt), T15PM (12% Tungsten), ASP60 (10.5% Cobalt), M4PM (5.75% Tungsten), ASP23 (M3:2), and CPM10V (9.75% Vanadium). We also stock several sizes of hardened and ground Tool Steel blanks made from O1, A2, D2 and S7. Additional materials can be quoted on request.

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