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Precision Marshall’s huge inventory of ground flat stock features more than 3,000 distinct items that provide coverage for virtually every known ground flat stock application. We stock ten standard grades of material O-1, A-2, D-2, S-7, C-1018, H-13, the heat-treated 4142 Modified, and three Stainless Ground Flat Stock grades: Premar 410, Ruetom Special 420 and Premar 440C stainless knife steel.

Our equally impressive inventory of drill rod includes seven standard grades of material W-1, O-1, A-2, S-7, D-2, H-13 and M-2 –– in more than 900 standard diameters (including metric) in both three- and twelve-foot lengths. You’ll find that difficult-to-locate lettered and numbered sizes of drill rod, as well as many cold drawn flats and squares, are available right from stock.

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