Michigan Speciality Steel

Michigan Speciality Steel

Inventory’s the following tool steel’s and Alloy’s

Tool Steel

Mold Steel 

Alloy Steel 

Carbon Steel 

A-2H-134140 AnnC1018
S-7S-74142 Pht1045
4340 Ann

Size Capabilities

Precision Machined


Width & Length

Square and Parallel

2-Sided0.125″ – 12″Sizes from 0.250″ up to 34″ wide x 84″ long0.002″/foot
4-sided or 6-sided0.250″ – 12″Sizes from 0.276″ x 0.276″ x 0.276″ up to 12″ x 18″ x 40″per foot
  • Decarb free is our standard finish we supply unless otherwise quoted orordered. We can hold a tighter tolerance if specified within a range of 0.005
  • This chart is a guideline only. For more specific information, please contactyour MSS or Peerless representative.
  • Length capabilities depend on requested width. (84” max corner to corner)

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