Cleveland Punch & Die Co.

 Cleveland Punch & Die Company manufactures steel punches, dies, shear blades and tool holders for customers across the Steel Fabricating Industry. We are an American punch and die manufacturer servicing customers in an ever changing world.

Quality and service have long been our top priorities. Industries such as Steel Construction, Structural Fabrication and Metal Building have endured decades of change with us. We have never lost sight of our goal: to be the leading supplier of Punches, Dies and related tooling across all major industries.

Technology has changed over the years, of course, and we have maintained an enviable position on the threshold of every advance. Our experience in the evolution of our craft is a tangible value not found anywhere else in the industry. We welcome the opportunity to show how we have become known as The World Leader in the Tooling Industry.

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Ficep Style Tooling
Edwards Style Tooling
Ocean Style Tooling
Marvel Style Tooling
Scotchman Style Tooling

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Fastest Way to Notch Pipe on an Ironworker
Fastest Way to Notch Pipe on an Ironworker
Ironworker Punch and Die Styles
Ironworker Punch and Die Styles
Mandrel Punch - Geka 55A Ironworker
Mandrel Punch - Geka 55A Ironworker
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