ACME Industrial

Drill Bushings & Threaded Inserts


Precision Guiding Components For Molds and Stamping Die’s

Carr-Lane Manufacturing

Standard tooling components

Dayton Lamina

Punches & Dies, All Metal Stamping Products,

Hyson Gas Springs

Nitrogen Gas Springs Manifolds, Cushions

Integrity Fab & Machine

Die Sets, Weldments

Kicker Springs

Ejector Spring, Punch ejectors
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Guiding Elements, Springs, Wear Plate, Benders Hydraulic Equip.

Raymond Die Springs

Mold & Die Springs

Richter Precision

PVD, CVD & TD coatings

Royal Pins

Ejector Pins, Mold Tooling


Press saftey Blocks

Xebec Tech

Ceramic Deburing and Metal Finishing Tools
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