Abrasive Diamond Tool Co.

Diamond Tooling

ACME Industrial

Drill Bushings & Threaded Inserts


Urethane Strippers & Wheels Roll Forming

Admiral Springs

Stripper Spring Assamblies For Die’s


Precision Guiding Components For Molds and Stamping Die’s
Air Vac

Air Vac

Vacuum Slug Removal Air Generators, Venturi, Silencers


Standard Components For Die Building
Tapping Tools

Balax Taps

Tapping solutions Rollform Taps Ctting taps

Belmont Equipment

Everything EDM

Bliss Press

New Presses

BTM Tog-L-Lock

Fastening Systems

C.E. Tooling

Turret Press Tooling

Carr-Lane Manufacturing

Standard tooling components

Cleveland Punch & Die Co.

Iron worker Tooling

Colby Crowders

Stock Pusher For Stamping Die”s


Die Set Components: Springs, Cams, and more

Dayton Lamina

Punches & Dies, All Metal Stamping Products,


Jig Grinding Mandrels

Diamond Case

Linear Shafting

Die Design Books

Books for the Die Builder

Durant Tool Company

Feeders, Straightners, Decoiling equipment
a group of carbide dies

Endurance Carbide

High precision tungsten carbide components.


Metal Polishing Files, CBN tools Diamond Compounds

Everede Tool Co.

Incerts, Boring Bars, Drils, and more
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