Lamina Guided Retainers

Lamina Guided Retainers

Guided Retainers

Lamina Guided Retainers are precision guide pin & bushing/retainer assemblies that occupy much less space in the die than traditional pin and retainer combinations.

Guide and retain the pad or stripper plate in progressive stamping dies, or use on stock rails and stock dies with a lifter plate. Lamina Guided Retainers reduce machining cost and save space within your die.

Learn more about how Lamina Guided Retainers are transforming precision stamping.

Lamina’s advanced design offers the following features:

Tight Assembly Tolerances

  • Superior guiding, with the same assembly clearance as traditional pins and bushings
  • Greater positional accuracy

Strength at the Pad

  • Accomplished with steel retaining clips
  • No SHCS threaded into the pin

Strength at the Pin Head

  • Unique one piece construction

Bronze Graphite-Plugged Bushing

  • Longer life
  • Self lubricating
  • No galling

Greater Static Shear Load

  • Assembly
  • Pin Head
  • Pin Pad Fastening End

Optional Mounting of Bushing

  • Can be mounted on either side of the plate for additional clearance, solving design issues
  • Greater strength

Lamina Guided Retainers are available in 5 pin diameters, ranging in 1/8 inch increment lengths from 3.50 to 16.00 inches. Two bushing lengths are offered for each pin diameter.

Guided Retainer configuration options

* Patent Pending.